इन्तिज़ार… Patience

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कर इंतज़ार तेरा, साथ वक्त के, मेरी सब्र बन जाएगी,
खुशियां देते-देते तुझे, शायद, मेरी कद्र बन जाएगी,
तू मेरा सपना नहीं हक़ीक़त था, होगा तुझे भी यक़ी,
जब आँखों के सामने तेरी, मेरी कब्र बन जाएगी।   



By waiting for you, with time, I will have patience,
while giving happiness to you, maybe i will become valued,
you were not just in my dreams, you were my everything.
you will believe this only at that day…
when in front of your eyes, my grave will be made.


ना देना दुःख को पनाह, घर कर लेगा,
खुशियों से दुश्मनी कर, उन्हें बे-घर कर देगा,
कौन चाहता नहीं, इक मकां रहने के लिए,
मिला ग़र आशियां ग़म को, ग़म-ए-शहर कर देगा।


Please do not give attention to the sadness. If you think about it, you will feel more about it. At the end you will be habitual to feel the sadness. Everyone wants to find one’s weakness but it’s a bad habit. It is the real cause of sadness.

छवि श्रेय: इंटरनेट

मेरा ग़म


हमनें मुक़द्दर से जो भी पाया कम था,
खुद की बनाई शान-ए-शौक़त में मैं ऱम था,
शिकायतें बार-बार किया, वैसा बन जाऊं,
इन्हीं ख़्वाईशों से पल रहा मेरा गम था।


Probably because you do not see what they did to “deserve” such happiness, and feel that it may be unfair to you that you do not experience such happiness. I think there is no point in thinking about how to “deserve” happiness. People may do a lot of positive things to improve their lives, but sometimes for years you may be experiencing bad time without your personal fault. You must accept that life may be very “unfair”, and we can just try to make the best of our share of things. There are lots of circumstances we cannot control, and we can only choose to cope with them in the best possible way. Believe it or not, most people are not so happy all their lives, happiness ebbs and flows, so there is not really a point in feeling envy. So try to love yourself, believe in yourself and try not to make your life worse if nothing else. Things may get better in time.

छवि श्रेय: इंटरनेट