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“काश कोई बात कर ले”

काश कोई बात कर ले,
दिन तो गुज़र गया,
रात कोई पार कर दे,
काश कोई बात कर ले।

भरा पड़ा संपर्कों से फ़ोन,
मित्रों चित्रों का भंडार और अतरंगी से टोन,
रात्रि हुई भोजन हुआ जब लगा हाथ से फ़ोन,
बातें अब कोई दो चार कर ले,
काश कोई बात कर ले।

कुछ संपर्कों के अलग ही शान होते हैं,
पता नहीं वो कब ऑन होते हैं,
दिखते तो जगे-जगे से हैं,
पर हम अनजान होते हैं,
यूँ व्यस्तता इतनी उन की,
बातों में भी नहीं जान होते हैं,
कोई तो यह समस्या मिरी,
निज़ात कर दे,
काश कोई बात कर ले।

किसी लम्हें का आज साथ पकड़ते हैं,
जब हम बातों की शुरुआत करते हैं,
उस ने अनजाने में किया हो मेसज,
ऐसे ही ताने-बाने और नगमात भरते हैं,

यह शिकायतें नहीं मिरी यह तो रोज़ की बात है,
आज यह पहली नहीं, ना जाने कौन-सी रात है,
मैं कभी देर ना हो जाऊं, किसी प्रतिउत्तर में,
मन कहता है जा फ़ोन आन कर ले,
काश कोई बात कर ले।



Wish someone talk with me,
The day has passed away,
Let someone cross the night a way,
I wish someone talk with me.

My phone is full of contacts,
A repository of friends’ pictures and a tone from the colors,
After finishing the dinner when I touch my phone,
now I would like to chat two words or four,
I wish someone talk with me.

Some contacts have different pride,
Don’t know when they came online?
They looks are online …. Online …
But they with not chatting with me is fine,
This is how busy they are,
Having no time for me.. is the matter so far,
Hope someone have time to move a walk with me,
I wish someone talk with me.

Let’s talk about a conversation,
When we start talking with someone,
He may have inadvertently messaged,
In this way, we fill the strange fabric, I guessed,

These are not complaints, it is a daily thing,
Today it is not the first night, don’t know which night it is,
I will never be late, in any reply,
So the mind says go get the phone,
hope someone come to spent some time with me,
I wish someone talk with me.


मेरा ग़म


हमनें मुक़द्दर से जो भी पाया कम था,
खुद की बनाई शान-ए-शौक़त में मैं ऱम था,
शिकायतें बार-बार किया, वैसा बन जाऊं,
इन्हीं ख़्वाईशों से पल रहा मेरा गम था।


Probably because you do not see what they did to “deserve” such happiness, and feel that it may be unfair to you that you do not experience such happiness. I think there is no point in thinking about how to “deserve” happiness. People may do a lot of positive things to improve their lives, but sometimes for years you may be experiencing bad time without your personal fault. You must accept that life may be very “unfair”, and we can just try to make the best of our share of things. There are lots of circumstances we cannot control, and we can only choose to cope with them in the best possible way. Believe it or not, most people are not so happy all their lives, happiness ebbs and flows, so there is not really a point in feeling envy. So try to love yourself, believe in yourself and try not to make your life worse if nothing else. Things may get better in time.

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