Bee love award

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Hello, my fellow bloggers and friends. I am too happy to share my feelings with you that my fellow friend “Tanya” has nominated me for “Bee Love Award”. I am thankful to Lord providing me such a nice friend.

I want to say something about Tanya. She has a motivational and inspirational personality. She loves to express her words with her graceful emotions. She is very thoughtful and a nice writer too. I don’t have any words on how to thank Tanya for her appreciation and a beautiful award for me. I wish her best of luck. This is sweetest way for spreading love in the blogger’s world. I appreciate the person who invented it. God bless to all of you.


1. Attach the Bee love Logo on the top.
2. Ping Back to me
3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you.
4. Nominate your fellow blogger.

My Definition of LOVE:

As per my view,
For me it’s too hard to describe. But in my view the person who is inside us don’t know about face, skin color, body, height, time, area, caste, country, anything. He/she is at its ideal condition that we create from childhood. He/she know the feeling, only that can be felt by anyone. Some people say love come ones or 1st love is 1st no one can compare that. I don’t think so. We know no one is perfect in this world. We can feel the love with anyone at anytime. Feel of love comes to us, as we feel as we create. Loving yourself is greatest thing.

I Nominate:

  1. Neha
  2. Ishaan
  3. My sister harina
  4. Prachi
  5. Vini
  6. Sania
  7. Prakhar
  8. Rachna
  9. Shubhangi
  10. Vijayanjali
  11. Lia

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