मैं पूछूं किरदार जमाने से, रोजगार पूछता है,
तसल्ली हो ना हो, मेरा ख़ुमार पूछता है,
ढल जाना नज़्म नहीं, जरूरत है मेरी,
गुनाह क्या इस ज़िल्लत की, बेरोजगार पूछता है।


Unemployment is a mental state of human mind. It is gifted to us by the society. Honestly I will say, we ourselves are in a race where we surely get it any stage of life. Everyone has to take this crown in his life. So don’t worry and enjoy this stage of life.

छवि श्रेय: इंटरनेट

By साधक

Poetries | Poems | Ghazals | Sher-o-shyaries

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